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Vice journalist Ryan Duffy. I’d say he’s attractive if you’d ask me. Mhm, yup.

Ryan Duffy 
Freedom is the absence of restraint; it’s what we do with it from there that matters most.  
Dare we try and wade through this muddy water, fill this ocean of need bottle by bottle? -

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Today’s Buddha Doodle! A Beginner’s Mind Sees Infinite Possibilities

Welcomes to the VICE News Private Beta
Behold, dear reader: a message from VICE founder and CEO Shane Smith about our new news website, VICE News, which is now in Private Beta. Join now at vicenews.com.
Hello, my diamonds,
Welcome to the VICE News Private Beta!
We invited you here because we are still testing the site and really want your feedback before we go public. We want to build it with you, our beloved and beautiful audience. So please let us know what you like, what you don’t like, and what you think is just sort of “meh.”
Since we haven’t fully launched yet, there won’t be the depth of content that you will see when we’re out of Beta, but we will be adding more every day. Soon, there will be enough in there to get lost in, bathe in, and fall down 100 different newsy rabbit holes.
It’s all “in the pipe,” as they say.
All of our videos will also be available on our VICE News YouTube channel, so please subscribeto follow our latest news programming.
Stay tuned for breaking stories from Venezuela, Russia, Ukraine, Syria, Central African Republic, Mexico, Thailand, and Brazil, as well as stories from Western Europe, the USA, and China.
We are launching with an English-language site these first few months (simultaneously translating content for our other countries), but over the coming months we will be rolling out full local-language editions.
We couldn’t be more excited to launch this site, and hope that you will help us make VICE News as good as we can possibly make it. We are in this together, and as they say in French, “L’Union Fait la Force,” or “Unity Makes Strength.” So let’s go out there together and change the world.
Now is our time. Let’s take it.
Shane SmithFounder and CEOVICE Media Inc.

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